Telegram Messenger create more features than WhatsApp

Telegram is a non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram client apps exist for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any type.

More about Telegram

Download Telegram Latest v4.6.0. It’s a handy chat application that allows you to chat with your people on your Android -powered smartphone for free. Telegram is a messaging application with many features of WhatsApp style. You can use it with Turkish language free of charge, thanks to the producer.

At the same time you can chat with up to 200 people, and the application also allows you to share your videos in 1 GB size. In addition to this, your chat history backs up to the cloud.

In the application you can just start typing your phone number and your friends are instantly listed. You can easily start chatting on this number without looking for a friend. That accolade indubitably goes to the ‘icon autofill’, which shows you possible GIFs and icons for your conversations cognate to the word you’re indicating at that moment.

You can use the telegram application, which is quite useful, as an alternative to WhatsApp that includes more features than this without any apparent drawbacks. It’s a super safe bet.


In an instant messaging world where security is one of the most sensitive things, it is paramount that one stays with an app that offers the best of this feature.

Today, there are dozens of instant messaging apps that one can turn to, but the most popular ones are WhatsApp and Telegram. In fact, when matters of security and privacy come into play, these two are the most talked about, if not the less popular Signal app.

In a bid to determine which of these two is the best when it comes to matters of privacy and security of your messages, we have put them head-to-head in this article and if you are still split between WhatsApp and Telegram, well, read on.

Whatsapp End to end encryption

End to end encryption

You’ve probably heard of end to end encryption. This technology is being adopted by many apps that intend to offer their users the most secure chatting environment. For a long time, Telegram was known to be the king of privacy, but this was before WhatsApp jumped onto this same bandwagon with a similar application of privacy measures.

Both platforms have implemented the end to end encryption technology, but it works differently in each case. For WhatsApp users, the tech giant brought this feature on board last year, where all forms of communication are protected from intrusion by third parties. In fact, the Facebook-owned app says that the company itself cannot gain access to your messages or calls no matter what.

According to WhatsApp, the use of end to end encryption means that any form of communication that takes place between users of the app, be it via a one to one chat or group chat, is protected by this technology. When you send your friend a message, your phone holds the encryption key while the phone of your friend has the decryption key.

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