Herbalist Kills Pastor for Rituals in Tragic Incident

The Osun State Police Command has apprehended a 48-year-old herbalist named Isiaka Ogunkoya for the murder of Pastor Kalejaye Ezekiel.

This shocking incident unfolded during a routine stop-and-search operation near Isoyin.

Ogunkoya, who was in possession of human body parts at the time, confessed to the heinous crime, revealing his intentions of using the victim’s remains for rituals.

According to Ogunkoya’s confession, the pastor had sought him out, expressing a desire to enhance his spiritual powers and attract a larger congregation to his church.

The herbalist saw a chance to utilize the pastor’s presence for the ritual he needed to perform at that time.

In his malevolent scheme, Ogunkoya provided the pastor with a drink laced with a substance that induced sleep. While the pastor was unconscious, the herbalist proceeded to dismember him, extracting his heart and intestines for use in a concoction central to his rituals.

 “I killed the pastor for rituals, needed to make use of a human during that period and the pastor came around.

“He told me he needed more spiritual powers so as to have more members to his church so I thought it was a good opportunity for me to make use of the pastor for the rituals I’m supposed to do that time.

I gave him a substance to drink which he drank and slept off.

“So I butchered him and took out his heart and intestines which i used to make a concoction.”

The arrest of Isiaka Ogunkoya for the ritualistic killing of Pastor Kalejaye Ezekiel has sent shockwaves through the community. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by individuals who exploit the vulnerability and trust of others for their own nefarious purposes.

Law enforcement agencies have taken swift action to ensure that justice is served, but the impact of this senseless act will linger on in the hearts of those affected by the loss of a beloved pastor. May this event serve as a solemn call for increased vigilance against such heinous crimes, and a reminder to cherish the sanctity of life.

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