Why Yoruba Muslims Are In Total Support Oluwo Of Iwo

Since Oba Akanbi decided to dump the traditions and culture of his ancestral throne for that of a Muslim title similar to what pervades in the Islamic fiefdoms of northern Nigeria, a lot of negative reactions have trailed the move. The Amir is not, however, facing condemnations only as he has also staunch supporters among his people who see Akanbi’s declaration of all Yoruba land as an Emirate under his supreme authority as a welcome development. Akanbi’s supporters, as you may rightly guess, are Yoruba Muslims.

Akanbi did not only declare all Yoruba land an Emirate under his command but also put his purported first-class title under the Supreme authority of the Sultan of Sokoto. He has not only abdicated his ancestral throne but swore subservience to Sokoto. His declaration of all Yoruba land being an Emirate under his control automatically transmuted all authority and sovereignty of Odua to Sokoto.

Akanbi’s mainly naive Yoruba Muslim supporters, also stated that with this move, Emir Akanbi will be the office from which other Amirs will be appointed across the breath of Yoruba land and that in due time, the traditional stools of authority in Yoruba land will be phased out by the Muslim Emirship.

It is thus glaring that why these Muslim Yorubas support Akanbi’s foolishness is driven by their own desire to see that all traditional and cultural stools in Yoruba land are replaced with that of the Islamic system thereby barring non-Muslim Yorubas from occupying an elevated position of power. But naively, these bunch of misguided fools fails to factor that the authority to appoint an Amir in Yoruba land will be decided by Sokoto and not by them.

I can easily predict the bickering and skirmishes that will arise among Yoruba Muslims as to who is to be appointed as an Amir among them. It is from here they will carry themselves to Sokoto for the Sultan to deliberate and appoint among themselves a Muslim leader. In the future, the same Yoruba Muslims out of constant bickering and skirmishes over the Emirship tussle will demand Sokoto to appoint a Fulani to rule them and from there, the Yoruba culture will vanish and the people will forever be enslaved by Sokoto.

This is what will happen. And it will happen within 50yrs.

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