Tinubu, Ambode And Lagosians: The Fight For The Soul Of Lagos

Ever since Tinubu handed over, Lagos has produced two governors and Tinubu has handed a hand in the emergence of both of them. Their successes have also been attributed to the blueprint that Tinubu laid down during his tenure as Governor of the state. I must say that if really laid those blueprints, that he did a very good job and Fashola and Ambode have done well in maintaining those blueprints.

It is important to note that it’s not only Lagos that has a fantastic blueprint. I’m sure most states have theirs too. The only difference is the willingness and the financial muscle to carry our those blueprints which is what has made Lagos succeed in this regard. No state in the federation can match the financial muscle of Lagos but that does not in anyway discount the effort put in by all the governors of Lagos since 1999.

Recently, there has been a talk about Tinubu dumping Ambode because based on the feelers we’re getting, Ambode has destroyed some of the structures that Tinubu left for every governor to follow. While these structures are Germaine, every governor has the right to follow his own path. Ambode can as well destroy all the structures and creates his if he feels they are better. It’s now left for Lagosians to decide whether or not he has done well or not. For instance, i feel that since Ambode became governor, there has been an upsurge of filth throughout the state. I can for a fact say that he has failed in the area of waste management. But he has also succeeded in other areas such as in capital projects such as roads and bridges.

Even if Ambode fails in every area, I don’t think it’s for Tinubu to decide whether he continues or not. The party has a structure and they can vote Ambode out in the primaries if they so choose. Nobody should be more powerful than the party. you don’t just choose to do away with someone because you don’t like them or their style of governance.

In any case, if APC decides not to field Ambode, it’s their prerogative but they should be ready to bear the consequences that may follow. Despite the godlike status accorded to Tinubu, it’s imperative to note that he may not be as powerful as been touted. The only reason he has wielded so much power is that, the people he has fielded to become the governors of Lagos have done considerably well, so Lagosians are voting based on this premise not because Tinubu holds Lagos by its crotch.

If Tinubu continues and succeeds with his threat and Ambode decides to pitch his tent with another party, we can’t rule out the fact that he can beat APC’s candidate whoever that is. He’s the incumbent and he has done considerably well in the eyes of most Lagosians.

Let’s wait and see who wins the fight for the soul of Lagos state.

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