Scientists accidentally invent new sex toy for women

The Vaginal Pressure Inducer was created to study a painful medical condition, but it has unexpected results — it could be used to increase the pleasurableness of sex!

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Dutch scientists have been investigating what happens when you gradually increase the pressure inside a woman’s vagina.

Scientists in The Netherlands report a ‘happy accident’ in a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, concerning the discovery that applying pressure inside the vagina with a newly invented instrument heightens women’s arousal while watching erotic films.
It all came about because there weren’t any instruments scientists could use to study genital pain – a condition where women experience severe discomfort during sex – in a reliable way.
Previous studies had used simple balloons that were gradually inflated, but those had an annoying habit of sliding out of the vagina partway through an experiment.
“It was just to examine how women experience vagina pressures because we didn’t know anything about it,” study author Reinhilde Melles of Maastricht University in The Netherlands said.
Hence, the Vaginal Pressure Inducer — a hi-tech, remote-controlled balloon that is gradually filled with water at 37C, secured with something a bit like a pair of pants crossed with a Velcro harness.
“Vaginal pressure may heighten subjective sexual arousal during high-arousal sexual films, which may implicate that vaginal pressure can potentiate sexual arousal in sexually functional women.
“It would be also possible to use it to increase the pleasurableness of sex. And maybe also to learn how women can have an orgasm during penetrative sex,” Melles said.
But what were the women’s verdicts? Many reported having a reasonably good time during the experiment, but some were left feeling a little perplexed.
All in all, it looks like the VPI will probably work for its intended purposes of helping to understand the condition of genital pain in women, and help pave the way for evidence-based treatments.
“We work a lot with genital pain patients and it would be very helpful to see how they experience vaginal pressure and assess the difference between them and healthy controls,” Melles said.
And as well as its potential therapeutic benefits, it’s another happy, if unintentional, step towards demystifying female sexuality.


Melles and her colleagues also have plans to commercialise the instrument for potential use as a sex toy.
About a third of women are able to have an orgasm during sex, but many more would like it.

“With this instrument it could be possible to learn to associate vaginal pressure with pleasureableness.”

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