Omisore Declares Coalition With APC

Iyiola Omisore, candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the Osun State governorship election, is ready to work with the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of Thursday’s election rerun.

According to Omisore, the decision was made “after due consultations with his party leaderships and members in all the 30 local government areas of Osun State.

He said APC had agreed to adopt SDP’s manifestos in “forming a coalition government with SDP in Osun State”.

To solidify the decision, Omisore’s party, SDP, released the following statement:


After exhaustive delebtation on the aticidents of the characters involved in the two groups; APC and PDP and the pending litigations. The meeting was well attended by the party leaders, chairmen and the state officers from Iwo zone, we rose and agreed as follows.

1.     That we remain unequivocally committed to Otunba Omisore, and have absolute confidence in his leadership.

2.     That we should form a working relationship with APC, because the characters involved in PDP are serial liars and not men of honor and integrity, having reneged in all previous relevant agreements

3.     There should be a very strong and workable memorandum of understanding (MOU) capable of taking the interest of SDP members from wards, locals, states and national level between the legal representatives for both parties SDP and APC.

4.     In addition, the pending litigations presently against PDP Osun executives are another factors, which reinforced our decisions.

Letter Of Resolution


The Social Democratic Party Ijsea Zone hereby resolves at their meeting held yesterday 24th September 2018 after a careful ewxamination of the two parties involved in the forth coming rerun election slated for Thursday 27th September 2018.

The meeting resolved as follows:

1.     That APC will be more beneficial to our party and members

2.     That PDP leaders and their Governor candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke are not trustworthy, reliable and dependable in their past dealings with us.

Ede Zone Position On Which Party To Support

A.     Factors Upon Which The Position Is Premised

1.     With over 254,000 votes allegedly cast for APC by Osun electorates, it is evidently clear that Osun state electorate have declared loud and clear that they have not suffered enough form the hands of APC government we viewed to be slave traders, hence they do not deserve being pitied by any rescuer.

2.     Sen. Ademola Adeleke is known for sharp practices as evidenced in how he, with the collaboration of PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus, masterminded the conduct of another congress thereby rubbishing the congress earlier conducted that and already approved by the PDP NEC at the convention which favoured Omisore.

3.     Sen. Ademola Adeleke is betrayal-personified as can be deduced from his antecedents Vis-à-vis:

I.       His implied agreement not to be interested in governorship election when he and his people approached Otunba Omisore for support for his senatorial bye-election last year which is now history;

II.             Agreement to have at least a legislative assistant selected through each of the aspirants that stepped down for him which did not materialize till date;

III.           His failure to respect the agreement reached between his group and that of Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi to have the latter’s group compensated with Deputy Governorship slot, this which was not respected despite the fact that election was at sight not to talk of now that the election would have been won before the agreement will be expected to be compiled with.

4.     Fear of Sen. Ademola Adeleke being either prosecuted for aiding and abetting after winning election but before access to immunity priviledge or impeached upon assumption of office by the House of Assembly on frivolous grounds among.

B.     Position

We recommend support for APC during the re-run election with a solid agreement to have coalition government of 50-50 sharing formula of all post and positions ranging from national assembly to state assembly, cabinet formulation, local govt. administration, boards, parastatals, committees, employments and contracts award while we maintain our nomenclature as SDP.

                                                      IKIRUN ZONE

The zonal meeting of our zone was held on the 25th September 2018 in Osogbo, to decide on way forward about the rerun election coming up on 27th of September 2018 between APC and PDP

      We unanimously resolved that we join forces with APC to win the re-run for the following reasons.

1.     APC controls both the state and the federal and can influence the result of the re-run if at all we don’t join them.

2.     PDP is the architect of the present predicament we find our self in, and joining forces with them will spell doom for SDP

3.     Numerous leaders in the PDP will not allow the party to function well as too much cook spoils the dish.

4.     Several agreements have been reached with numerous groups that have joined PDP, e.g that of Akin Ogunbiyi. Then what else are we bargaining for?

5.     Because of the fact that we want the best for our people in Osun State, we see Oyetola as a more capable and qualified candidate.

6.     The leadership of PDP at the national level shunned and deserted us when we needed them the most. A leopard can never change its spot.

7.     Deji Adeleke and his people did not appreciate Otunba Iyinola Omisore and the factionalized PDP when they enjoyed our support to win senatorial bye-election in west senatorial district. One good turn deserves another.

8.     If APC is supported we are likely to have slots from local to federal level.

9.     The issue of criminal case Adeleke is facing is another impediment against his success.

10. Any party we decide to support must give Sen Iyiola Omisore due respect and recognition

However any party of our choice must marry our manifestos with theirs.

Resolution reached at an emergency meeting of Ife Zonal Elder’s Cacus held on 25th September 2018 at the Aquarium Events Center, Ife

It was unanimously agreed as follows:

1.     That our choice of the party to align with is the APC

2.     That it was premised on the following

a.     The accrued position available to the SDP in APC are more than what will be available to SDP in PDP

b.     The APC is a more reliable party than the PDP. For instance the APC promised Isiaka Adeleke the Senatorial ticket to Osun west and it was honored unlike the promise made by the PDP to DR. Ogunbiyi, which they reneged on.

c.      That the fact that we have deputy governor in Ife would place a caveat on what will be available to us in Ife zone as the senatorial ticket will elude us.

d.     That senator Omisore should impress it on them that the totality of the content of SDP manifestos should be adopted. More importantly, premium should be placed on the need of payment of workers’ salaries and pension to retirees, merging of schools and common uniforms should be eradicated, etc.

e.     That special intervention should be considered for areas where APC faithfuls have been attacking SDP members. For example, our members in Ife south have been under serious attack by the APC. Such hostilities must stop immediately and all affected members be compensated adequately.

f.      Position sharing formula should be in the ratio of 50:50

g.     That the Osun east senatorial ticket should be given to senator Omisore because of his enormous followership. In the same vein, the House Of Representative ticket for Ife Federal Constituency and all the four state Assembly Constituencies should be ceded to SDP. Appointment of Local Government Chief Executive Officers should be shared equally in Ife land between APC and SDP. Ditto for other appointments such as chairmen and members of LGEA’s.

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