Ekiti 2018: Olumilua’s Son Rejects IDF Adoption

The son of Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua, the former governor of Old Ondo State and a governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State, Mr. Muyiwa Olumilua, has rejected the adoption of his kinsman, Dr. Wole Oluyede, as the preferred APC candidate by the Ikere Development Forum, IDF.

Oluyede, an Australia-based medical doctor – was picked ahead of a retired Permanent Secretary, Chief Sesan Fatoba; a former Commissioner for Information, Funminiyi Afuye and Mr. Kola Alabi.

The IDF, led by the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN), is comprised of eminent indigenes of Ikere Kingdom.

Muyiwa Olumilua released the statement on Sunday, 25th February when Hon Funminniyi Afuye, one of the APC governorship aspirants from Ikere accepted the decision of IDF Adoption.

This is the Muyiwa Olumilua Statement:

As much as I would like to keep mute over what transpired at the IDF meeting, Hon. Niyi Afuye’s version is light years away from the truth. Coming from him, it is quite disappointing, being someone who I personally take to be an elder, and leader of our party, APC.

Not at any point in time during, or after the meeting where Dr Oluyede was ‘suggested’ as the choice of IDF, did I give my assent? Right there and then, in the presence of everyone in attendance, including Hon. Afuye himself, Dr. Wole Oluyede, Chief Fatoba, Kola Alabi, and the IDF members present, led by Uncle Wole Olanipekun SAN, I told them that their decision could not work and that I was in total disagreement with it. Where then did he get his own story; “The five of us conceded to the idea that the IDF should use its discretion for the shadow and we had an agreement that the outcome will be binding” from?

This is absolutely dishonest, and shouldn’t come from him at all. Elders must be seen, be honest at all times, and in all situations.

Dr. Oluyede is a decent, well-bred gentleman, and I see him as an older friend, and brother. God knows I have nothing against him personally. I’m as a matter of fact, very fond of him. My disposition towards him should point at this. My disagreement with his being chosen, is strictly on political principles, nothing more. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and nothing can change that.

As regards Hon. Afuye’s sacrifice, he doesn’t have the moral right to claim that. He has not sacrificed anything at all, except maybe the fuel he bought in his car to attend the IDF meeting. He refused to launch his aspiration since he came up with the idea of throwing his hat into the ring, so he should not even be on the list of aspirants paraded by Ikere. Being an aspirant goes beyond word of mouth, and he should know this. It is a lot of tireless hard work, expending copious amounts of money, and swallowing a lot of humble pie. I’m very sure that he has not done any of this lately. Doing all of this, and then conceding, is what can be termed as a sacrifice.

I am once again reiterating, for all who bother to listen, that my aspiration is still alive. Very much so, without prejudice. IDF has played it’s part, albeit erroneously, in trying to streamline the number of aspirants from Ikere. The fact remains that IDF remains a socio-cultural association, that has no bearing on the workings, or decisions of any of the political parties, be it APC, PDP, KOWA, ANRP, or any other. They should allow political decisions to be left to the politicians. As time goes by, the boys will be sorted out from the gathering of men. IDF’s efforts are noted and appreciated.

Back to the issue of being honourable, that was mentioned in Hon. Afuye’s press release, being honourable is to be morally upright, to be honest, and to live above board. The press was apart from being insulting, by deeming some of us dishonourable, it was untruthful, embellished, and not the true picture of what transpired, by a long shot. To me, that is what I would term as dishonourable. I can vouch for Dr Wole Oluyede, he would never give that same account of the meeting we all attended. I know honourable men when I encounter them. Dr Oluyede is one of them.

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