Drama As EFCC, Segalink Fight On Twitter Over Tinubu’s Bullion Vans

Nigerian activist , Segun Awosanya, popularly known as SEGAlink has expressed his displeasure over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC operations.

Segalink tackled EFCC following the arrest of 94 young Nigerians at a nightclub in Osogbo, Osun State’s capital. 

The exchange came after the EFCC insisted that their approach to curb fraud across the nation has been thorough and professional after being accused of criminalizing some of the party-goers who were later freed by sharing their photos online. 

However after the anti-graft agency shared a section of the EFCC Establishment act which gives them power to investigate “properties of any person if it appears to the commission that the person’s lifestyle and extent of the properties are not justified by his source of income’, they got queried by Segalink on why they failed to investigate the exhibition of a bullion van which allegedly belongs to former Governor of Lagos, Bola Tinubu and a video in which Kano State’s Governor, Umar Ganduje was spotted allegedly stuffing money in his outfit. 

See the exchange below; 

Section 7 (1) (b) of EFCC Establishment Act, 2004 gives us the power to investigate “properties of any person if it appears to the Commission that the person’s lifestyle and extent of the properties are not justified by his source of income”.

@segalink·17hI’m sure this Section only gives you an erection when it concerns yahoo boys & opposition politicians. While the miraculous self aggrandizers in bed with those the head of EFCC worships are immune to investigation. Daylight bullion van exhibition on bourdillon is justified right?

EFCC Nigeria@officialEFCC Not to toe the line of politics, as you may wish, the EFCC has successfully investigated, prosecuted and secured over 1245 convictions between 2015 and 2019 which include 2 former governors, several top government functionaries, both in past and present dispensations. Applaud us! https://twitter.com/segalink/status

@ SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·Now that you have caught your breath, can we focus on the case in point? Since you’re a mind reader in the know of my wishes before stating them, just as you deem our youth fraudsters without thorough investigation & play to the gallery. This handle doesn’t applaud mediocrity.

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·15hYour Boss claimed that he has built & strengthened the institution for the mere fact that EFCC are now in their own building, can you tell us what rule prohibits the investigation & prosecution of the likes of Asiwaju, Oshiomhole, Akpabio, et al granted absolution by the APC?

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·15hLet me splash some colors on this to make it simpler to comprehend. Your tweet claims that all EFCC require to hunt down citizens is the display of wealth that can’t be justified. What justified the relocation of CBN to Asiwaju’s house on Bourdillon at the eve of an election?!

“EFCC Nigeria@officialEFCC · 15hThe underlisted news have underlined the positive activities of the Commission and rightly so. More grounds to cover, undoubtedly, we will not be deterred. 1. https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/news/4907-magu-receives-outstanding-leadership-award 2. https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/news/3041-interpol-commends-efcc-s-anti-graft-efforts-recommends-it-as-model-for-africa 3. https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/news/2827-3-7m-scam-fbi-lauds-efcc-s-role-in-tracking-fraudster 4. https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/news/4860-giaba-commends-efcc-seeks-regional-partnership-against-money-laundering Cheers. https://twitter.com/segalink/statu

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·15hYour answers are sadly presented in all flavors of strange as they match none of the specific questions asked. Let me put this less poetically, Did @officialEFCC watch all the Ganuje series where he invented cum popularized Babariga FX Banking? Is Asiwaju bigger than Nigeria?!

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·15hAlleged Yahoo Boys can’t have their party in peace but a couple that stuffed a flat full of FX on the same Bourdillon Road waltzed out of Nigeria without men in red jackets bringing him to justice. Obviously, some animals are more equal than others.

EFCC Nigeria@officialEFCC · 15hKindly forward your petitions to [email protected] or visit any of our Zonal offices or Head office to submit a copy of your petition. Cheers. #BeAccountable #TheEagle #SayNoToCorruption https://twitter.com/segalink/status

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hUnfortunately, for your balkanized institution, there’re several petitions you are yet to visit on sundry matters u’re not interested in investigating for obvious reasons. By the way who petitioned EFCC on the indiscriminate arrest of young people illegally paraded as yahoo boys?

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hSomeone should please ask @officialEFCC how many @PoliceNG officers they’ve apprehended for robbing and kidnapping citizens for ransom? We have recovered hundreds of millions in 3years conservatively in botched raids. Is this not corruption?! Is this justified?!

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hLet me point @officialEFCC to a discovery since they need to apprehend those with unjustified riches. Is the institution aware of the deepest viral miscarriage of justice in Nigeria on the organized crime syndicate robbing bike/NAPEP riders nationally?!

SEGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hAre you aware that an average bike/NAPEP rider pays up to N3k per day in rents to thugs, who are acquaintances of known political overlords in Nigeria? Have you interosculated the implication of this on the economy of this country of bikers, who are deliberately left for dead?Show this threadSEGA

L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hAre you aware that we have over 13Million people who survive in Nigeria by operating bike/NAPEP logistics? These people are not on Twitter but they contribute an estimated amount of 2/3rd of the IGR of an average state to Thugs & rogue police alike annually?

EGA L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hSince his deportation, has @officialEFCC invited him for questioning let alone deployed the erotic Section 7 (1) of EFCc establishment Act, 2004 to investigate his source of wealth? Just for your info, I know Danu from the days when he used to be bailed out for petty crimes.Show this threadSEGA

L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hNasiru Danu was the logistic director to the GMB Campaign org. In fact it was affirmed that he procured the bike crashed by the President’s son. He was deported of late from the UK under the allegation of money laundering with Millions of Pounds in cash & fake Maltesse passport.Show this threadSEGA

L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hThese are low hanging fruits for you to pursue if you are indeed interested in solving economic & financial crimes, not petty thieving that ordinary traffic warden can prosecute. You’re sitting on too much funds to denigrate that institution by reducing yourself to an attack dog.Show this threadSEGA

L’éveilleur®@segalink·14hIs this not a financial crime? Are thugs above the law or beyond the reach of EFCC? Do you know they have extended their reach to the middle class with tax collection for alleged traffic violations? Is EFCC blind to this or it is allowed? Is this not a form of offline Yahoo?

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