5 Categories Of Lifeless Nigerians

It is no longer news that we have a LIFELESS president, according to Donald Trump. You cant have a growing nation with a Lifeless president, therefore it should not come as a surprise why dreams and hopes of young Nigerians are dying by the day.

But the Lifeless president did not make himself president, it is people that made him president. So it takes Lifeless people to produce a Lifeless president to lead a Lifeless country. So we look at 5 Categories of Lifeless Nigerians.

1) The Lifeless Politicians

These ones are the reason for the lifelessness of the nation. They have rewarded themselves with our common wealth and keep recycling themselves into different positions and parties.T hey own private jets and the most expensive jeeps, they don’t care about bad roads or rail system.They finish and hand over to their children to continue, they believe Nigeria belongs to them and they are the kingmakers. These people have no conscience or care about Nigeria or Nigerians.

2) Lifeless Religious & Traditional Leaders

These are the people used by the Lifeless politicians to influence and persuade voters. These are pastors, imams, and traditional rulers . They are highly respected and can easily influence their followers. They use the pulpit to lie to their followers after they have been rewarded financially. Some even invest in the campaign and claim that God told them to tell their followers who to vote.

3) The ethnic and Religiously Lifeless

These are people that proudly make the wrong choices as long as their religion or ethnicity is involved. They suffer the consequences of their mistakes but are willing to repeat the same mistake because of ethnicity and religion.

4) The poor and Lifeless

These are mostly hungry and not educated, and we know the region they abound. Whoever gives them peanuts gets their votes. They don’t care about tomorrow, they are so hungry that they have no choice. The lifeless politicians ensure that there are many of such because they depend on them to win elections.

5) The educated and Lifeless

These are even worse than the lifeless politicians.T hese are the educated Nigerians whose education becomes useless when it’s time to make the right choice. They know the right choice, but out of pride and need to show superiority, they vote the wrong choice. They hide after their choice backfires, some even pretend they did not make the choice or vote. Some will criticize their choice in public, but secretly repeat the same mistake to prove a point or show how relevant they can be.

Whichever category the lifeless Nigerians belong, they have a common language. They always say ” This man will make a wonderful president, But you and I know he won’t be president, this is Naija”. They say this and go on to make the wrong choice. It’s funny because it sounds like someone who is sick, know that this is a competent, tested and tried doctor that can treat him, but he chooses to go to a quack that has killed many because the competent doctor is not popular.

They choose to vote the popular problem rather than the unpopular solution . as if those people in popular parties are not human beings or have one vote. If I vote the right person and you vote the right person and they vote for the right person, haven’t we all voted the right person? This is the beginning of the journey to lifelessness.

2019 is coming, for the sake of the suffering masses and the next generation, don’t be lifeless, don’t vote lifelessly and don’t vote a lifeless president. Let’s resurrect this nation from lifelessness and have a better future.

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