PHOTOS: This Mad Man Was Given A Befitting Burial After Death In Kwara State

Soole ” was a Mad man who was well known by Offa dwellers since 70s, He used to stay Opp. Offa Grammar school, OGS.. I knew him too. Apart of holding his genitals, I also observed his love for Coke, I do tell people, that have not seen anyone who drinks Coke more than him. I learnt he died yesterday at an old age and I got some pictures of his life and his burial..Today is my birthday and yesterday, I lost two people (Soole, and a cousin: Ayanda Nurudeen) to the cold hand of death.. may their souls rest in peace..
This is a piece written by an individual on Soole,


Life is not always associated with sanity. It is based on both rational and irrational arrangements. Even before general human creation, Satan had displayed his irrational behavior before his Creator out of arrogance and sheer ignorance. Therefore, the level of madness (insanity) in this world especially in Nigeria should not be isolated but it must become a source of concern for all and sundry.

This piece is titled “Cycle of Madness “. As a young boy on the streets of Ipee, Ijagbo and Offa (all in Kwara State), I was used to seeing many people who were mentally unfit. I would ask my elders what was wrong with them, the answers I got were “they were mad”. I began to ask myself and other people around what were the causes of their madness and what factors could lead to one being declared mad or mentally unstable. Many believed it was spiritual while others felt it could be self inflicted. Which one it was, I was still worried about their number in these three communities (I spent my first twenty years there). The most popular among them were: Soole, Iya Mumini, Iya Joke and Kasali (a well trained and disciplined Police officer). I was told Kasali was inflicted with the condition by a man he was ordered to arrest. Everyone testified he was an incorruptible officer. (He was in the condition for more than three decades, huh).
I am going to centre this thought on “The dynamics of the impacts of madness on the Nigerian Economy”.
Research has clearly shown that there is a strong link between mental ill-health and poverty. Poverty increases the risk of mental instability. As well, mental illness leads one easily into poverty. Economic crises negatively affect the population’s mental health. Madness to me does not just exist but it based on the society in which it exists. Many countries have it as a legislation to cater for the mentally unfits. Such doesn’t matter in Nigeria, however. Do we even care for the sane? Madness is everywhere and it can manifest at any time. An unexpected event make a most reasonable man to behave most irrationally even without probable and close solutions. Economic hardship can damage human sensibility. Can we all see how close a man to the edge of madness.
The positive impacts of these mentally challenged beings cannot be underestimated. At times, they stay in the middle of the road controlling traffic while the “sane one” become impatient for orderliness to be restored. Some said some things to us which we thought were statements of the mad but they later became useful to us. In fact, some people will believe that such mad persons were their angels. Also, many of us watch the displays of these mentally challenged and we forget our sorrows at that time making us to appreciate God for His mercies over us, at least. Most of our comedians today display halftime madness and yet realize huge fortunes from their “madness.”
It may also interest you to know that a psychiatrist gets his meals and pays other bills from the attention he gives to the mentally challenged beings, therefore, with their absence, he becomes irrelevant in the society. From all the examples of benefits of the mad people highlighted above, it can be evidently seen that mad people contribute immensely economically to any reasonable society. In fact, a mad person does not lie. Truth is the bedrock of economic harmony and prosperity.

While the mad people actually deserve our help, care and pity, how about the self made (another form of) mad people. These ones really deserve our condemnations and curses. We are not to celebrate them. We should not see hard work as one thing that does not pay.
While I hope to conclude my thoughts on the other form of mad people in next piece, I pray that God protects us from “real” and safe made madness. Once again, I still say RIP “SOOLE”

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