Nigerians in Uproar as Chef Damilola Launches Cooking Challenge While Baci Waits for Guinness World Record

A new cooking challenge is underway in Ekiti State, Nigeria, where chef Damilola Adeparusi is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual. The record is currently held by chef Hilda Baci, who cooked for 100 hours in Lagos last month.

Adeparusi started her cook-a-thon on Wednesday at Oye Local Government Area and plans to cook for 120 hours, preparing over 60 dishes from different cuisines. She has been live-streaming her cooking on various platforms and attracting a lot of attention and support from online viewers.

However, some Nigerians have criticized her for being envious of Baci’s achievement and not waiting for Guinness World Records to confirm her record.

Baci, who cooked 55 recipes and more than 100 meals in May, said she wanted to showcase Nigerian cuisine and inspire young people. She is still awaiting official verification from Guinness World Records, which said it was aware of her “amazing” attempt and looking forward to reviewing the evidence.

Adeparusi has not responded to the critics and said she was motivated by her passion for cooking and her desire to challenge herself. She also said she wanted to promote Ekiti State as a tourist destination and a hub for culinary excellence.

The chef has been taking five-minute breaks every hour and one-hour rests after 12 hours for medical checks, washing and resting. She is expected to finish her cooking marathon on Sunday evening if she succeeds in breaking the record.

The online backlash against Adeparusi has sparked a debate on whether she is being unfairly judged for pursuing her own dream or whether she is disrespecting Baci’s accomplishment.

Some Nigerians have defended Adeparusi and praised her for her courage and determination. They also argued that competition is healthy and that there is room for more than one record breaker in the country.

@OluwafemiO: I don’t see anything wrong with what Adeparusi is doing. She is not stealing anyone’s glory. She is just doing her own thing. Let’s celebrate both of them instead of tearing them down.

@TemiBee: This is not envy. This is ambition. Adeparusi has every right to challenge herself and go for the record. She is not harming anyone. She is inspiring others to follow their passion.

@Detolah: Naija sha!!!! I think most of these people suddenly resurrecting are envious and annoying. This is why you need to hide your successes from people, they will go ahead and try to steal it from you. At least let Hilda get the award first, Make breeze blow on it. Chef gbigbeyiyan🙄

@professorudeme: This thing no be competition na…why are some of us so envious of other people….chai

@SEOtuas: This is too bad. Why not wait until after she is crowned you can start yours?

@ArrabBucknor: Hope they don’t run out of cooking gas.. anyway let’s see how it will end

@ShwagDr: Nigerian women don’t like themselves that much. Forget all the bomboclat y’all see on y’all TL. Every one of them wants to be the only woman in the world

@Mochainaxxx: This is 100% unnecessary..  other Nigerians are praying and hoping Hilda gets in the record book and another one just wants to interfere with her success .. Nawa oo

@ChefTobi: As a fellow chef, I admire both Baci and Adeparusi for their skills and stamina. Cooking for that long is not easy. They are both amazing and deserve recognition. Stop the hate and show some love.

@NnekaU: Why are we always quick to judge women who are doing great things? Why can’t we support them and uplift them? Adeparusi is not competing with Baci. She is competing with herself. She is a queen and so is Baci.

@KunleA: This is what we need in Nigeria. More people who are willing to push the boundaries and achieve greatness. Adeparusi is not envious of Baci. She is proud of her and motivated by her. They are both role models for our youth.

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